Frequently Asked Questions

01. Online Delivery

Simply click on "Request For Delivery" tab, Enter the information that is required. Clck on Get Distance and Then Next to proceed and make payment for the delivery of your item.
Normally, the sender of the item shall provide you with details including the tracking ID or Item Serial number.
This Id is unique and when requesting for delivery, you need to provide it as well. However, if you do not have a tracking ID, simply enter your Postal address or simply enter "None".

02. Payment For Delivery Services

Posta Uganda uses Mobile Money as the main mode of payment. In otherwords, you simply make a request over the website and then make paymentusing mobile money for the delivery of your item.
Airtel and MTN are the major telecom networks that are supported while using the Mobile Money Mode of Payment.

03. Delivery Methods

We use Posta motor bikes and delivery vans and we ensure that the items being delivered come straight to you as requested.
We help both individual customers and business customers to send & receive parcels without any challenge, by providing added value solutions as well as delivery service.

05. Delivery Items

We deliver all sorts of mail items for exmaple letters, legal documents, parcels and all different types of packages.
We deliver your item within the shortest time possible. You are given a tracking ID that you can use to know how far your item has moved from the Post office to your destination.

04. Delivery Rates

Simply navigate to the "DELIVERY RATES" tab on the main menu and you will be able to see all the our delivery rates depending on the distance between your preffered point of delivery and the General Post Office.
You will receive an SMS and Email notification confirming receipt of your payment and details about the delivery of your item are also provided to you.